During the late 1940s the Newcastle State Dockyard was in full swing with shipbuilding and the manufacture of heavy machinery for power stations, railways and national infrastructure.  The local industry couldn’t supply enough skilled workers so qualified workers were recruited from Great Britain and given ‘assisted’ passage to Australia.  Newcastle Maritime Museum has created a Welcome Wall to honour those immigrants who had such a great impact on the local way of life.

The Welcome Wall is a display wall erected at the Eastern end as a tribute and recognition of the significant contributions of the European immigrant settlers who arrived in Newcastle by sea as part of the “displaced persons” resettlement program after the Second World War. The migrants who settled in the Newcastle and surrounding areas helped to develop industry, innovation and research, and enrich the culture and character of our community.

Immigrants and their families can apply to have their surname, date of arrival and the ship they came on inscribed onto plaques attached to the wall. Records of each family whose name appears on the Welcome Wall will also be kept inside the centre, with the aim to create a publicly accessible online database for family ancestry research.

To have your family’s name displayed on the Welcome Wall, complete and submit the form below, and we will contact you. The cost is $110.

Alternatively, you can download the form (PDF), print it and then mail it to us or bring it to the centre.

The format for each single-line entry is: Surname, Name, Ship, Year Of Arrival. For example:
Smith, John, Endeavour 1920

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